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A reminder: the spelling here will most likely represent that taken from the tombstone, perhaps directly, or from someone's compilation. It does not necessarily represent the preferred spelling by the individual, his family or his descendants.


The Woodhill Cemetery in Lebanon,Ohio has, literally, hundreds of collateral Barkalow lines which don't bear the surname. Although I don't have the complete cemetery collection, there are many more names which can be looked up upon request. Some of these names would be Lanier, Teneick, Updike, Schenck, Vail, Dubois, Craig, Thirkield, Hankinson, to mention just a few.

Lastname Firstname ST County Cemetery Data Footnotes
Barkalow Martha A. OH Montgomery Germantown 1833 - 1917 (w/o Hendrick)
Barkalow Rachel OH Butler Middletown d.18 Aug 1876,37y,11m,2d. (d/o John & Nancy)
Barkalow Margaret Ann OH Butler Middletown d.6 Feb 1840,9y,1m,11d. (d/o John & Nancy)
Barkalow John OH Butler Middletown d.25 Nov 1871,61y,8m,17d. (s/o Tobias)
Barkalow Nancy OH Butler Middletown d.10 Jul 1874,69y,5m,2d. (nee Coon,w/o John)
Barkalow Elizabeth OH Butler Middletown d.22 Mar 1852,17y,4m,15d. (d/o John & Nancy)
Barkalow Infant son OH Butler Middletown d.17 Aug 1849, (s/o John & Nancy)
Barkalow Derrick OH Butler Middletown d.20 May 1860,47y,11m,24d. (s/o Daniel)
Barkalow Temperance OH Butler Middletown d.28 Jul 1899,83y,2m,12d. (nee Paullin,w/o Daniel)
Barkalow Eliza J. OH Butler Middletown d.29 Aug 1864,28y,8m,14d. (d/o Derrick)
Barkalow Lydia OH Butler Middletown b.8 Jul 1842 - d.1 Jun 1866 (d/o D. & T.,w/o Wm.D.Denise)
Barkalow Richard OH Butler Middletown d.14 Mar 1876 (s/o J.C. & E.)
Barkalow John C. OH Butler Middletown "??-1899" (s/o John & Nancy)
Barcalow Daniel OH Butler Elk Creek d.22 Sep 1839,ae-1y,9m,28d (s/o D. & Temperance)
Barckalow Susan OH Butler Miltonville d.19 May 1914,67y,7m,6d (w/o Middleton)
Barckalow Jacob OH Butler Miltonville d.6 Feb 1945,ae-67y (s/o Middleton)
Barckalow Samuel OH Butler Miltonville d.7 Aug 1949,ae-75y (s/o Middleton)
Barkalow Daniel OH Butler Mt. Pleasant d.7 Sep 1841,ae-7m. (s/o H. & Elizabeth)
Barkalow Zebulon D. OH Warren Woodhill 1853-1923 Sec.4,(s/o John)(Comp. say Zeb "O")
Barkalow Annie M. OH Warren Woodhill 1855-1917 Sec.4,(w/o Zebulon D.)
Barkalow Bertha J. OH Warren Woodhill 1880-1919 Sec.4,(d/o Z. & A.)(Comp. say "1959")
Barkalow George H. OH Warren Woodhill 1846-1929 Sec.4,(s/o John L.)
Barkalow Jennie P. OH Warren Woodhill 1853-1928 Sec.4,(w/o George H.)
Barkalow William H. OH Warren Woodhill 1910-1910 Sec.4,(inf. s/o Irwin S?)
Barkalow John E. OH Warren Woodhill (Apr 28) 1920 Sec.4(ODR say "Apr.29")
Barkalow Ema P. OH Warren Woodhill (Feb.1) 1925 Sec.4(ODR say "Feb.5")
Barkalow J.T.& Lydia (Family) OH Warren Woodhill no dates Sec.5, Ammon, Catherine,& infant Maggie. (Rest of family bur. in Barkalow Cem.)
Barkalow Mary A.(Mother) OH Warren Woodhill 1825-1892 Sec.5,(w/o W.C.)
Barkalow W.C.(Father) OH Warren Woodhill 1817-1872 Sec.5,(s/o James T.)
Barkalow William OH Warren Woodhill 27 Jan 1791-28 Sep 1807 Sec.7,b.Monmouth,NJ. (Orig. bur. in old 4th St.Cem.)
Barkalow Mary H. OH Warren Woodhill d.1882-age 71y Sec.7,(w/o Wm.T.)(Orig. bur. in old 4th St.Cem.)
Barkalow William T. OH Warren Woodhill d.1883-age 73y Sec.7,(s/o Wm.P.)(Orig. bur. in old 4th St.Cem.)
Barkalow Arthur OH Warren Woodhill 1846-1933 Mausoleum. s/o Wm. & Anna.
Barkalow Laura OH Warren Woodhill 1852-1931 Mausoleum. w/o Arthur
Barkalow Zebulon OH Warren Woodhill d.1923,age 70y Sec.8. (h/o of Anna Dora)
Barkalow Anna Dora OH Warren Woodhill d.1969, age 88y Sec.8. w/o Zebulon
Barcalow C.Clyde OH Warren Woodhill 1859-1930 Sec.9,(h/o Rachel E.)
Barcalow Rachel E. OH Warren Woodhill 1859-1929 Sec.9,(w/o C.Clyde)
Barcalow Ida V. OH Warren Woodhill d.9 Jan 1861 Sec.9,d/o D. & L.
Barcalow Asa Burns OH Warren Woodhill 17 Aug 1871-7 Jan 1872 Sec.9,s/o D. & L.
Barcalow Orr OH Warren Woodhill 14 Nov 1875-15 Jun 1876 Sec.9,s/o D. & L.
Barcalow Raymond OH Warren Woodhill 3 May 1881-26 Oct 1882 Sec.9,s/o D. & L.
Barcalow William A. OH Warren Woodhill 11 Dec 1868-3 Jun 1890 Sec.9, (s/o Derrick C.)
Barcalow Louella OH Warren Woodhill 1866-1941 Sec.9,(unm. d/o Derrick & Isabella)
Barcalow Derrick OH Warren Woodhill 1833-1898 Sec.9, (s/o John T.)
Barcalow Isabella Burns OH Warren Woodhill 1837-1904 Sec.9, (w/o Derrick)
Barcalow J. Edward OH Warren Woodhill 1863-1904 Sec.9, (s/o Derrick)
Barcalow Amy OH Warren Woodhill 5 Apr 1795-27 Jan 1882 Sec.9,w/o Z.
Barkalow Jennie B. OH Warren Woodhill 4 Aug 1854-21 Oct 1859 Sec.9,(d/o Moses V.)
Barkalow Derrick OH Warren Woodhill d.3 Aug 1846-age 65y5m12d Sec.9, (s/o Arthur)
Barkalow Rachal OH Warren Woodhill d.3 Feb 1862-age 79y2m4d Sec.9,(w/o Derrick)
Barkalow Eleanor OH Warren Woodhill d.15 Sep 1821-age 6y5m10d Sec.9,d/o D. & R.
Barkalow Richard OH Warren Woodhill d.15 Sep 1821-age 17y3m Sec.9,s/o D. & R.
Barkalow Arthur OH Warren Woodhill d.17 Feb 1842-age 36y2m2d Sec.9,(s/o Derrick P.)
Barkalow Arthur B. OH Warren Woodhill d.1876 Sec.9,(s/o Wm.T.)(WCDR-d.3/10/76,40y,4m,21d)
Barkalow Martha G. OH Warren Woodhill no dates Sec.9,(w/o Arthur B.)(b.May 1843)
Barkalow Arthur V. OH Warren Woodhill 1837-1860 Sec.9,(s/o Zebulon)
Barkalow Sarah S. OH Warren Woodhill 1831-1917 Sec.9,(w/o A.V. & d/o Wm.T.)
Barkalow Lydia B. OH Warren Woodhill 1838-1852 Sec.9,(d/o Wm. & Mary)
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