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Calendar of Wills - New Jersey Archives

BARCKALOW, Derrick, of Freehold, Monmouth Co.,yeoman, will of:

1744,Jul.16, Wife,Jane. Children: William, Cornelius, and Daniel Barkalow, Aeltie(Weycoff), Helena, Jane, and Mary Barkalow. Granddaughters- Elizabeth and Jane Suydam. Executors- sons, William, Cornelius, and Daniel Barkelow. Witnesses- Tunis Denis, Gisbert Van Mater, Wm. Wikoff, and Jno. Henderson.

1744,Aug.14, - Inventory(pounds,shillings and pence) 199.17.0, made by Gisbert Van Mater, Wm. Wikoff and John Henderson. NJA(1st Ser.),Vol.30,p.36)

Calendar of Wills - New Jersey Archives

BARKALOW, William, of Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co.,will of:

1749,Jun.23, Wife, Annitie Barkalow, the whole estate; while my widow. To my three(3) children, my whole estate, only I give my eldest son, Aert, 10-pounds more. Executors- my wife, and my brothers, John Hance and William Williamson. Proved- Apr.29,1767. Witnesses- Lefferd Lefferson, Lucas Drvedt, William Dunterfield.

1766,Sep.11, RENUNCIATION- made by Aeltie Barkalow and William Williamson, stating that William Barkalow made his will when he had but three children, but recovering his health, lived till the 8th of August last(1766) and had five children, and as he died unexpectedly and made no other will; and we being made executors in said will, do refuse to execute the same, to the wronging of the other five children, and the three that were then living, being willing to come to a just division with the other five, we do refuse to act, and I, Aeltie Barkalow, desire my sons, Arthur Barkalow, Derick Barkalow, and my brother-in-law, Peter Forman, to be my administrators.

1766, Sep.15, Inventory- 826.0.6, of some cattle at Wadeing River in Burlington Co.

1766, Sep.23, Inventory- 739.0.6, made by Robert Rhea, and James Lawrence. NJA(1st Ser.), Vol.30,p.36.

Calendar of Wills - New Jersey Archives

BARKALOW, Cornelius, of Monmouth Co.,Intestate:

1785,Mar.4, Administrator, Derick Barkalow. Fellowbondsmen- Hendrick Smock, of said Co. Witness- Daniel Barkelow

1785,Feb.18. Inventory- 370.16.10, made by Hendrick Smock and Matthias Vankirk. NJA(1st Ser.),Vol.35,p.33.

Calendar of Wills - New Jersey Archives

BARKELOW, Daniel,Sr., of Freehold Twp.,Monmouth Co.,Will of:

1791,Feb.11, Wife,Lydia Barkalow, profits of lands until youngest son Daniel is of age; the one-third profits of land; should she marry, then to have household furniture she brought with her, three cows and 50-pounds. The three sons- Dirick, Nicholas and Daniel Barkalow, to have equal division of land when Daniel is of age. Grandchildren- Yonitye, Elizabeth, Honce, and Anne Conine, each ten pounds to be paid by the three sons when of age. Residue to three sons. Executors- wife, Lydia, and son,Dirick. Witnesses- John Barkalow, Denise Forman,Jr., John Forman. Proved- 14 Aug 1795.

1795, Aug.8, Inventory- 141.19.0; by John Craig & John Forman. NJA(1st Ser.),Vol.36,p.

Calendar of Wills - New Jersey Archives

BARCALOW, Derick, of Upper Freehold Twp.,Monmouth Co.,Will of:

1803,Mar.14, Wife,Anne,use of real and personal estate, until youngest child is 18 years, then 500-pounds; she to pay to my son, Benjamin,230-pds in one year; son, Zebulon,230-pounds in three years; and son, William, 230-pounds in five years. The balance is to be divided into ten equal shares and distributed among all my children(unnamed), except daughter Nancy Coombs, to have 10-pounds, and remainder of her share to her children when of age. Executors- wife, Anne, and brother-in-law, James Baird, and friend, Joseph James. Witnesses- Samuel Coward, James Craig, Samuel Stilwell.

1803,Oct.14, CODICIL- Sums advanced to daughters, Nancy($200), Alche($400), and Sarah($200) to be deducted from their shares. Proved- Dec.9,1803. Witnesses- Garret Covenhoven, James Karr, Deborah Hankinson.

1803, Dec.5, Inventory- $2,750.49; by John Lloyd and John Hawkins. NJA(1st Ser.), Vol.40,p.

Calendar of Wills - New Jersey Archives

BARCALOW, John, of Upper Howell Twp.,Monmouth Co.,Intestate:

1804,May 16, Inventory- $174.82; made by James Morris and David Lewis. Sworn to by John Bailey, Administrator, Jul.28,1804. NJA(1st Ser.) Vol.40,p.

Calendar of Wills - New Jersey Archives

BARCALOW, David, of Freehold Twp.,Monmouth Co.,Intestate:

1809,Dec.18, Inventory- $685.30; made by Anthony Woodward, Israel Ivins. Sworn to by Rebecca Barkalow and Gilbert Hendrickson,Adm'rs., Feb.19,1810. NJA(1st Ser.)(1810-1813) Vol.47,p.27.

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