Barkalow Census Records - 1850

A reminder: the spelling here will represent that taken from the census itself. It will not necessarily represent the preferred spelling by the individual, his family or his descendants.

Lastname Firstname Sex Age POB County Township Pg. Occup/Value Wife/Children/Comments
Barkalow Milton P. m 30 NJ Monmouth Shrewsbury 021 Carpenter,1000 Elizabeth,30(b.OH); Geo.,7; Leo,5, b.NJ
Barkalow John J. m 40 NJ Monmouth Shrewsbury 021 Merchant,5000 Susan E.,36; Sarah E.12; James J.,15, all b.NJ
Barkalow George m 38 NJ Monmouth Shrewsbury 030 Laborer,--- Sarah,36; Jannette,2, all b.NJ,(Blk); Enum.w/Moses Johnson(Blk)
Barkalow Cornelius C. m 38 NJ Monmouth Howell 104 Farmer,3000 Catharine,38; Silas,11; Cornelius,9; John,7, all b.NJ
Barkalow Jedidah B. f 70 NJ Monmouth Howell 104 At Home Enum.w/Cornelius C.
Barkalow Job m 60 NJ Monmouth Howell 120 Tailor,600 Emeline,41; Edward,9; Matthias,7, all b.NJ
Barkalow Richard C. m 47 NJ Monmouth Freehold 164 Farmer,3000, Deborah,37,NJ; James,15; Hugh N.,5; Susan,3.
Barkalow Henry m 44 NJ Monmouth Freehold 164 Tailor,--- Enum.w/Richard C.
Barkalow Cornelius m 67 NJ Monmouth Freehold 164 Laborer,--- Enum.w/Richard C.
Barkalow Cornelius m 12 NJ Monmouth Freehold 167 Att'd Schl Enum.w/Lemuel C. Clayton
Barkalow George m 15 NJ Monmouth Freehold 169 Att'd Schl Enum.w/Matthias Applegate
Barkalow John C. m 30 NJ Monmouth Freehold 170 Farmer,--- Mary,26,NJ; William,4.
Barkalow Wyckoff m 11 NJ Monmouth Freehold 175 Att'd Schl Enum.w/James Stilwell,38,NJ,
Barkalow Peter D. m 57 NJ Monmouth Freehold 175 Farmer,2000, Abigail,52; also C.G.Mathews,25; Lydia,23; Chas.L.,5., all b.NJ
Barkalow John D. m 61 NJ Monmouth Freehold 175 Clergy,4000 Independent Methodist Min.
Barkalow Derrick m 28 NJ Monmouth Freehold 175 Farmer,--- Elizabeth,26,NJ.; enum.w/John D.
Barkalow Alice f 20 NJ Monmouth Freehold 175 At Home Enum.w/John D.
Barkalow Matthias m 18 NJ Monmouth Freehold 175 At Home Enum.w/John D.
Barkalow Andrew m 18 NJ Monmouth Freehold 176 Blksmth,100 Enum.w/Peter Antonadies
Barkalow Elenor f 36 NJ Monmouth Freehold 178 At Home Enum.w/Hugh Newell
Barkalow Margaret f 60 NJ Monmouth Freehold 179 No occ.,2000 Mary,6; Cornelia,34; Alexander,32; William,28, all b.NJ
Barkalow Matthias m 43 NJ Monmouth Freehold 179 Labourer,--- Elizabeth,33; Garret,8; Cath.B.,6; Hannah,5, Abby,2m., all b.NJ
Barkalow Cornelius J. m 62 NJ Monmouth Freehold 180 Farmer,3000 Yunis,55; James,30; Job T.,28; Cornelius,21, Eliphalet R.,16; Eliz.,13, all b.NJ

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