Van Borculo Census - Revolutionary Period(1776-1781)

These lists are a composite of names extracted from tax lists, National Archive military records, special censuses, probate court records, property transactions, and any other record available to help identify Van Borculo ancestors during this crucial time in U.S. history. It is not intended to emulate any specific online compilation or published listing.

Van Borculo lines are uncommon, and in lieu of surname spellings varying widely before 1840, all identifiable family heads will not be differentiated nor separated by major branch. Because, in almost all cases, I've identified these people, I've added the known "State-of-Birth"(ST) and the known or estimated "Year-of-Birth"(YOB), features not included in the actual lists or schedules.

A reminder: the spelling here will usually represent that taken from the census itself. It will not necessarily represent the major branch spelling, preferred spelling by the individual, his family or his descendants.

NEW YORK - 1776-1781
Lastname Firstname ST County Township ST YOB Comments
Barkuloo Harmanus NY Kings New Utrecht NY 1745 d.10 Nov 1788,Somerville,NJ. Sons-Harmanus H.(1773-1842), George(1775-1832), John(1778-1849), William(1783-1867)
Barkuloo Jacques NY Kings New Utrecht NY 1747 d.8 Apr 1813. Sons-Harmanus J.(1775-1822), Evert(1776-1826), Henry(c1778-c1829), Jacques J.(1780-1853), John(1786-1871)
Barkuloo Cornelius NY Richmond Northfield NY 1747 d.bef.9 Jun 1783. Sons- Abraham(c1770-a1830), John(1772-1817), Nicholas(c1778-p1800)

NEW JERSEY - 1776-1781
Lastname Firstname ST County Township ST YOB Comments
Barkalow Derrick NJ Monmouth Freehold NJ 1745 d.15 May 1828. Sons- Cornelius(1781-c1855), Matthias(1787-1827), John(1789-1876) and Peter(1793-1871).
Barkalow Stephen NJ Monmouth Freehold NJ 1748 d.15 Mar 1825. Sons-John(1770-1854), William(1771-1849), Cornelius(1774-1842), Richard(1780-1828), David(1782-1864), Silas(1788-1798)
Barkalow John NJ Monmouth Freehold NJ 1751 Adm.28 Jul 1804. Sons-Daniel(1780-1835), Cornelius J.(1787-1850) and John(1789-1834)
Barkalow Daniel NJ Monmouth Freehold NJ 1720 d.28 Jun 1795. Sons- Derick(1775-1801), Nicholas(1778-1858) and Daniel(1783-1854).
Barkalow Cornelius NJ Monmouth Freehold NJ 1717 d.after 18 Feb 1785. Sons- Derrick(1745-1828), Stephen(1748-1825) and John(1751-1804)
Barkalow Arthur NJ Monmouth Up.Freehold NJ 1740 d.27 Jun 1801, Maysville,KY. Sons- William(1768-1851), Tobias(1773-1823), John(1775-1829),Daniel(1777-1780) and Derick(1781-1846), Nathaniel(1783-1785).
Barkalow Derick NJ Monmouth Up.Freehold NJ 1745 d.10 Nov 1803. Sons- Benjamin B.(1782-1818), Zebulon(1786-1835),William B.(1791-1807)
Barkalow William NJ Monmouth Up.Freehold NJ 1750 d.16 Sep 1822. Sons- John(1776-p1800),William F.(1779-1863)
Barkalow David NJ Monmouth Up.Freehold NJ 1752 d.5 Oct 1809. Sons- Samuel(1780-1855), Daniel(1782-1811), William(1785-1862)
Barkalow Cornelius NJ Monmouth Up.Freehold NJ 1755 d.30 Dec 1826,Edinburgh,NY. Sons- David(1784-1785),Arthur(1785-1786), Leffardson(1787-1870), Daniel(1794-1855), Derrick(1796-1870), and John S.(1802-1829).
Barkalow Samuel NJ Monmouth Up.Freehold NJ 1760 d.c1834,Burlington Co.,NJ. Sons- Elisha(1794-1855), William A.(1796-1826)
Barkelow James,Sr. NJ Hunterdon Kingwood NY 1698 Adm.19 Aug 1780. Sons- William(c1726-p1791), Barnet(1730-c1800), James,Jr.(1732-1796), Jan(1734-1792), Cornelius(1736-1806), Harmanus(1746-p1813).
Barkelow William NJ Hunterdon Kingwood NJ c1726 d.after Feb 1791. Sons- James(1753-1834), William(1755-1813), John(c1756-p1830), Cornelius(1760-1833), Daniel(c1765-p1800).
Barkelow Barnet NJ Hunterdon Kingwood NJ 1730 d.c1800,nr.Shippensburg,PA. Sons- James(c1762-c1798), William(c1770-p1806), John(c1774-c1810), Absalom(1785-1824).
Barkelow James,Jr. NJ Hunterdon Kingwood NJ 1732 Probate-16 Jan 1797. Sons- Benjamin(c1760-p1806), Johnson(c1762-1808).
Barkelow Jan(John) NJ Hunterdon Kingwood NJ 1734 Probate-1 May 1792. No issue.
Barkelow Harmanus NJ Hunterdon Kingwood NJ 1746 d. after 1813. No apparent issue.
Barkelow James NJ Hunterdon Kingwood NJ 1753 d.Apr 1834,Union Co.,PA. Sons- William(1784-c1801-03), Francis(1786-1850), James,Jr.(1790-1860), John(1815-1871), Van Rensselaer(1816-1883), B. Chambers(1824-1879)
Barkelow William NJ Hunterdon Kingwood NJ c1755 Probate-13 Feb 1813,Lycoming Co.,PA. No issue.
Barkelow John W. NJ Hunterdon Kingwood NJ c1756 d. after Feb 1830. Sons-William(1784-1854), John,Jr.(1794-p1860), Charles L.(1803-1880).
Barkelow Cornelius NJ Hunterdon Kingwood NJ 1760 d.4 Oct 1833,Lycoming Co.,PA. Sons-John(c1785-c1814), William(1796-c1854-59), Cornelius,Jr.(1804-p1850).
Barricklow Daniel NJ Middlesex S. Brunswick NJ 1720 d.8 Nov 1801. Sons- Conrad(1742-1802), Hendrick(c1746-c1825), William(c1748), John(1754-1820), Farrington(1756-1817), Cornelius(c1770-1802), Christoffel(1774-1860).
Barricklow Conrad NJ Middlesex S. Brunswick NJ 1742 d.10 Apr 1802,Uniontown,PA. Sons- Daniel(1770-1827), Hendrick(1772-1851), John(1775-1844), Farrington(1777-1861).
Barricklow Hendrick NJ Middlesex S. Brunswick NJ c1746 d.c1825,Fayette Co.,PA. Sons- Daniel(1773), Hendrick(1780-1829), Farrington(c1783-1836), George(1786-1815), Frederick(1795-1858).
Barricklow John NJ Middlesex S. Brunswick NJ 1754 d.12 Dec 1820, Cranbury,NJ. Sons- William J.(1788-1826), John J.(1790-1826), Daniel(1793-1831).
Barricklow Farrington NJ Middlesex S. Brunswick NJ 1756 d.24 Sep 1817,Cranbury,NJ. Sons- John(1790-1860), Daniel(1792-p1817), William R.(1796-1833).

PENNSYLVANIA - 1776-1781
Lastname Firstname ST County Township ST YOB Comments
Burkelow Samuel PA Philadelphia Philadelphia PA 1759 d.26 Aug 1812. bur- Mt. Moriah Cem.,Phila. no sons.
Burkelow Isaac PA Philadelphia Philadelphia PA c1725 May be same who died ca.1777-1778. Sons- Isaac?(c1755-1808), Jacob(c1753-1805)
Burkelow Isaac PA Philadelphia Philadelphia PA c1755 May be same who removed to NC ca.1778 and died there in 1808. Sons- Isaac(c1783-c1815), Samuel(c1784-c1832), Donald C.(1798), John(1800-p1850)
Burkelow Jacob PA Philadelphia Philadelphia PA 1753 Probate- 2 Dec 1805. Son- Isaac(c1784-1831)

DELAWARE - 1776-1781
Lastname Firstname ST County Twp(Hundred) ST YOB Comments
Burkalow John DE Kent Little Creek DE c1750 Adm.-9 Jul 1782,Dover,DE.
Burkalow William DE Kent Little Creek DE c1755 d.1802, in or nr. Cave-in-Rock,IL.
Burkelow Peter DE Kent Little Creek DE c1725 Adm.-25 Jan 1785.
Burkelow Peter DE Kent Murderkill DE c1748 d.1809,Hopkins Co.,KY.

NORTH CAROLINA - 1776-1781
Lastname Firstname ST County Township ST YOB Comments
Burklow Isaac NC Orange Not known PA 1750 d.25 Feb 1808, Fayetteville,NC. Sons- Isaac(1783), Samuel(1784), Donald C.(c1798), John(1800-p1850).
Burklow Philander NC Orange Not known PA 1745 d.bef.28 Oct 1786. Left widow, Flora, and two sons- Daniel(c1782), Philander,Jr.(c1785-1824)

VIRGINIA - 1776-1781
Lastname Firstname ST County Township ST YOB Comments
Barkelow Cornelius VA Berkeley Martinsburgh NJ 1736 d.1806, in Kingwood Twp., Hunterdon Co.,NJ, where he had returned in 1789. Sons, James(1766-1854) to Franklin Co.,IN; Cornelius(c1770-1819) to Knox Co.,OH.; Isaac(1778-1850) to Brown Co.,OH.
Rev. 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830 1840 1850

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