Van Borculo Census Records -1900

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Column Headings defined (abbreviations/acronyms only)-

Ag=Age; DoB= Date of Birth; PoB= Place of Birth(State); Sx=Sex; Twp./P.O.= Township or P.O.; Pg.= Page located in census; Rela./Occup.= Relationship to Head of Household/Occupation(except for minors); FaB= Father Born(State); MoB= Mother Born(State); Spouse/Children/ or enum. with= Husband/wife/children related to Head of Household, other persons related to person in column one, and, the Head of Household, if not the person listed in column one.

A reminder: the spelling here will represent that taken from the census. It will not necessarily represent the current or preferred spelling by the individual, his family or his descendants.

NEW YORK - 1900
Lastname Firstname Ag DoB PoB Sx County Twp./P.O. Pg. Rela/Occup. FaB MoB Spouse/Children/ or Enum. with-
Burklow Cornelius 31 Jan 1869 NY m Saratoga Galway 113 Farm Labor NY NY br.,Edward,33,Farm Labor,NY,NY,NY.

Barkalow-1900 Barkuloo-1900 Barricklow-1900 Bartlow-1900 Burklow-1900

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