Van Borculo Census Records -1880

Because you're researching a "Van Borculo" line, you've been directed to this page first, to help familiarize you with the format and link you with your specific branch. Despite my having identified each specific branch family in advance, YOU, the researcher, may still need to check other branches in 1880 if you're not absolutely sure to which branch your ancestors belong. One could easily assume that, by 1880, persons qualified as census takers would get most surnames spelled correctly. But, that kind of perfection may never occur, even today, when everyone is mailed census forms and they fill them out personally.

Ag=Age; PoB= Place of Birth(State); Sx=Sex; Twp./P.O.= Township or P.O.; Pg.= Page located in census; Rela./Occup.= Relationship to Head of Household(if not H.O.H.)/Occupation(except for minors); FaB= Father Born(State); MoB= Mother Born(State); Spouse/Children/ or enum. with= Husband/wife/children related to Head of Household, other persons related to person in column one, and, the Head of Household, if not the person listed in column one.

A reminder: the spelling here will represent that taken from the census. It will not necessarily represent the current or preferred spelling by the individual, his family or his descendants.

Lastname Firstname Ag PoB Sx County Twp./P.O. Pg. Rela./Occup. FaB MoB Spouse/Children/ or Enum. with-
Barclow Mathew 41 IN m Coles Humboldt 102 Farmer PA IN wf.,Margt,A.,38,IN; ch: Sarah A.,13,IN; Mary L.,11,IN; Geo.P.,7,IL; Hiram,5,IL.

Example 1: Mathew(should be Mathias) Barclow(1839-1915) was a son of Edward Barricklow(1793-c1845), who was the son of Daniel Barricklow(1770-1827), of the Ohio Co.,IN Barricklow branch.

TEXAS - 1880
Lastname Firstname Ag PoB Sx County Twp./P.O. Pg. Rela./Occup. FaB MoB Spouse/Children/ or Enum. with-
Barklow P. E. 32 KY m Erath 149th Dist. 12 Farmer KY KY wf.,N.C.,32,KY,KY,KY; ch: I.V.,8,IN; C.F.,3,KY; W.S.,8m.,TX.

Example 2: P. E.(Phineas) Barklow(1848-1930) was a son of Uriah Burklow(1820-1876), who was the son of Isaac Burklow(1799-1850), of the Union Co.,KY Burklow branch.

Barkalow 1880 Barkuloo 1880 Barricklow 1880 Bartlow 1880 Burklow 1880

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