Van Borculo Census Records -1870

Again, because you're researching a "Van Borculo" line, you've been directed to this page first, to help guide you through the maze of variant spellings you'll be encountering. Anyone not thoroughly familiar with the mind-boggling alliterations and cross-over spellings may easily hit an impasse trying to focus on one particular spelling.

To help avoid the same pitfalls most Van Borculo line veterans have experienced, I've prepared several examples to encourage those new to Van Borculo research to place less emphasis on the spelling while focusing more on locale, family names and specific data.

A reminder: the spelling here will represent that taken from the census. It may not represent the current or preferred spelling by the individual, his family or his descendants.

Lastname Firstname Sex Age POB County Twp./P.O. Pg. Occup/Value Other Occupants/Comments
Barklow M.[Marcus] m 25 IN Pierce Trenton 004 Farmer Mary,25,Nor; ch: Freddie, 4, WI; Clara, 2, WI.
Bartlow Joseph m 19 IN Pierce Trenton 005 Farmhand enum. w/ Seth Lyons, 31,MA, Farmer; Francis,28,NY;

Example 1: M.[Marcus] Barklow(1845-1921) was a son of Charles Barkuloo(1812-1876), and grandson of John Barkuloo(1778-1849). Marcus's surname was also spelled "Barkuloo"(1880,WI), and "Barkeloo"(1900,MN), but while still with his parents, under "Barqulow"(1860,IN).

Example 2: Joseph Bartlow (1851-1909), was also a son of Charles Barkuloo (1812-1876), and grandson of John Barkuloo(1778-1849) of the Kings Co.,NY Barkuloo branch. This misspelling was unusual.

Lastname Firstname Sex Age POB County Twp./P.O. Pg. Occup/Value Other Occupants/Comments
Barklow Farrington m 53 NJ Middlesex Piscataway 354 Farmer, 10000 Amanda,45,NJ; ch: Farrington,15; Ellis,13; Lewis,11; Rupert,6, all b.NJ.
Barcalow Culver m 47 NJ Somerset Somerville 415 Druggist, 30000 Catherine,45; Eliz.,22; John,18; Geo.,12; Annie, 16, all b. NJ.

Example 3: Farrington Barklow(1817-p1880), was a son of William Rappelyea Barcalow(1793-1839), and grandson son of Farrington Barricklo(1771-1854), a Barricklow line.

Example 4: Culver Barcalow(1822-1886), was also the son of William Rappelyea Barcalow(1793-1839), and grandson of Farrington Barricklo(1771-1854).

Barkalow 1870 Barkuloo 1870 Barricklow 1870 Bartlow 1870 Burklow 1870

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Despite having identified each specific branch family in advance, YOU, the researcher, may still need to check each branch in 1870 if you're not already sure to which branch your ancestors belong.

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